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Humans have always relied on plants to keep us growing healthily. They provide vitamins, minerals and fibre, feed the gut microbiome, ward off disease and generally help keep the doctor away.


But lots of people prefer the taste of other things, like toast or a favourite sandwich. So, with the help of a series of government grants, we learned everything we could about how veg work their magic - then applied it to bread.

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Your gut health pretty much drives your immune system, and fibre – in all its forms - is the key.

Soluble fibre helps the main nutrients (carbs, fat, protein) to digest in the small intestine rather than up in the stomach. It also helps stop food cravings by keeping us ‘feeling full’ for longer.

Insoluble fibre has a ‘sweeping’ effect on the gut, excellent for removing toxins. On the way, it also helps us feel full.

Fermentable fibre provides fuel for the bugs in the gut microbiome, with widespread beneficial effects all over the body - reducing inflammation, supporting brain health and all sorts else.

Many foods contain fibre, but not in the optimal mix – and they don’t all taste fantastic. Luckily, SUPERLOAF does.

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Vegetables carry a powerful payload of phytonutritients (the ‘phyto’ part just means ‘from plants’). They’re essential if when it comes to helping our bodies fight off invaders like viruses. Especially crucial to this are the micronutrients (polyphenols, antioxidants and so on) that can get damaged during human digestion.


So when SUPERLOAF adds these to the mix, they’re protected until they reach the large intestine, where they support the good gut  bacteria that keep us well. We do this via a natural, vegan process that you’d never know about unless we told you. You’ll just enjoy every slice, then feel fuller and fitter for longer.

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Most bread packaging will feature a cast of shady characters in the ingredients list - and if you make your bread a certain way, they’re needed. That’s not how we make ours, so they’re not.


We do have 14 though – all natural, all actively good for you. Everything is there for a reason, but it comes down to this: our ancestors used to consume many, many more different natural ingredients than most of us manage these days. As that’s who evolved the bodies we all still have today, we often need a little help keeping up.


Most things required for human health are easy to recognise, but some need more teasing out. To pick just two, selenium is found in lots of foods but most of us still don’t consume enough, and we really need enough of it to help resist disease. Folate is one of the B-vitamins that helps healthy blood cells, bone marrow, DNA and more. It’s also great at converting carbs into energy.


As with all our invisible ingredients, you may or may not be getting enough. With SUPERLOAF, you definitely are.


The parent of SUPERLOAF is Modern Baker, a small Oxford company in the forefront of scientific research into the relationship of food to human health.


Modern Baker is on a mission to take our staple foods back to how they used to be, then make them better than they’ve ever been. We started with the original ‘staff of life’ – our daily bread – and SUPERLOAF is the result.


Along the way, our academic partners put everything through rigorous nutrition tests (including at least one ‘model gut’ system) until they could say with confidence that SUPERLOAF was exactly what we set out to achieve: the healthiest bread ever baked.

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