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Seeing as a sandwich is around 72% bread, it’s about time bread started pulling its weight when it comes to keeping us healthy. 


So we designed SUPERLOAF to be the perfect first step on the path to metabolic health – and all that follows.  


We called it SUPERLOAF because it’s packed with hidden superpowers not found in other loaves. And we made sure it tastes and toasts exactly like a regular loaf - only more delicious.    

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The shelves aren’t short of healthy options high in Omega 3 and so on. Great if that’s what you love to eat; a bit of a chore if not.


So we made sure to bake SUPERLOAF as the best-tasting bread possible.  We’ve used good white flour, as most people prefer, but made it better for digestive health than most wholemeal.  


We’re aiming this at everyone who eats. 

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Humans have always relied on plants to keep us growing healthily.  So we set about learning everything we could about how plants help with things like immune support

- and applied it to bread.


Several government grants and a lot of loaves later, SUPERLOAF is the result. 


We believe it’s the healthiest bread ever baked.

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Our gut health pretty much drives our immune system.  It’s an incredible chemical factory inside us all, fuelled mainly by fibre.

But not all fibre is the same. Our bodies need different types, from different sources.  And because they’ve become quite hard to find, you’ll find each type in our high-fibre SUPERLOAF.  


Tastes good, does you good*

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